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So here it is — my hallway.

It’s “Under The Sea” themed.  I still need to hang up some pictures from The Little Mermaid… but this is it.  I have my floor meeting signs up as well.  I don’t think that this beats my theme from last year, but I still think hope that the girls like everything.

Opening has been really crazy this time because we have a shortage of RAs. My staff had to pitch in and basically do an entire hall’s door decs, as well as our own. It was crazy.  Hopefully we get this situation figured out… but I really do appreciate all of the teamwork that all of us put into everything.  Other halls are pitching in, as well.  It’s good to see us all come together in a time of need.  I just hope that they can fill the positions ASAP just to make everything easier.

WELL… I think I’m gonna go knit now.  Adios.